News from Asia Youth Model United Nations Committee Session Day 2

During the second day of Committee Session, the WTO (World Trade Organization) council had a special guest, the High Commissioner Kenya for Malaysia, Mr. Francis N. Muhoro. In front of the impressed Delegates, he delivered a speech regarding human security, particularly related to economic stability, by giving an example in Cambodia. Besides listening to his speech, the Delegates were also given the opportunity to have time for Q&A with Mr. Muhoro. The WTO Delegates seemed to be very enthusiastic to convey their ideas and questions, and Mr. Muhoro was also excited to give his best answer to satisfy the curious and dynamic mind of the WTO Delegates as well. One of the questions which was answered by him is the question about the shadow economy. Thank you for coming to AYIMUN 2019, Mr. Francis N. Muhoro. We wish the Delegates can follow your step to be a representative and make proud of their beloved country!

Editor : Ayu Kusumaning Dewi

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