Board of Secretariat

Cindy Lam

United Kingdom

Secretary General

Cindy Lam is a student in LLB Law at the University of Westminster, United Kingdom. She has abundant interest in MUN ever since her participation in OxiMUN 2017. She continues being a MUNer by joining several MUNs outside her country. In 2018, she was awarded an Honorable Mention in OxiMUN. As a prove of her dedication in MUN world, she was selected to be the President of Westminster University MUN Society for the 2018 – 2019 period. As for her favourite council in MUN, she particularly loves Legal Committee and Crisis Committee that offer so many challenges and debates during the meeting sessions. She is looking forward to intense debate in AYIMUN 2019.

Board of Directors




Victor Gaonach is working for the French government since a year ago and he is specialized in development issues (SDGs).
He is currently the Secretary-General of the Paris International Model United Nations, which be held in Paris from May the 30th to June the 2nd.
He studied at the International Relations and Strategic studies University (IRIS Sup') in Paris and Law and Political Science at ICP. He was the President of the ICP ModelUN association and the General Secretary of IRIS MUN. He has, to this day, attended more than 10 Model United Nations Conferences, his most memorable ones being LIMUN, MUNAPEST, URJCMUN and PIMUN.
Very interested in international relations, his personal hobbies include binge-watching House of Cards (of course). He is delighted to be given the opportunity to chair the ASEAN-EU committee during AYIMUN 2019. Never having experienced a ModelUN in Asia, it is time for new challenge and new high level conference. That said, he is ready to take on KL, which is as breathtaking in its' beauty as it is in its' atmosphere.

Khilola Mustafoeva​



Khilola Mustafoeva is a student at Westminster International University in Tashkent, majoring in Commercial Law. She has developed a nerdy fascination in the simulation of United Nations Conferences ever since her first participation in MMUNC 2017 as a delegate. She was recognized to deserve the Best Delegate nomination even in her first MUN experience. Thus, since 2017 she is continuing to be an active MUNer by joining every single National MUN and several other international ones. As a proof of her dedication and enthusiasm in MUN world, she was assigned to many projects and positions in MUNs: USG in BSU MUN 2017, Dias member in UNSC Committee in AIU MUN 2017, Dias member in Khorazm International MUN 2018, Secretary General in IUWED MUN 2018, Project Manager in BIMUNC 2018. For 2019, she is making concerted efforts to increase the profile of Glocal International Teen Conference 2019 in Nepal with her great contribution as a Country Representative. Plus, she is looking forward to intense debate and discussions as well as lasting solutions to the world’s pressing issues in a unique international atmosphere in AYIMUN 2019. Her personal statement is: “ ENSURE THAT EVEN ONE LIFE IS BREATHING EASIER BECAUSE YOU HAVE LIVED”.




Benjamin Alford is a graduate of Sciences Po Rennes (France) who has recently began working at the Banque de France. Born in the UK, but raised in France, Benjamin has always had a keen interest in international affairs. He was part of the 2017 SPRIMUN's Secretariat and has taken part in multiple MUNs in Edinburgh, Rennes, and Prague, first as a delegate, before turning to chairing last year, where he chaired two UN Security Councils. He is looking forward to meeting you all at this summer's AYIMUN where he hopes debates and memorable moments will be of plenty.

Isabelle Heinemann

United Kingdom


Isabelle Heinemann is set to graduate in International Relations and History from the University of London this summer. She has been a recurring member of the LIMUN, OxiMUN and CUIMUN teams, and has chaired at a fair share of conferences outside the UK circuit as well. Her special interests lie with negotiation and historical crisis committees. Apart from MUN, she enjoys good wine and cuisine, lectures and debates, and quite generally all that pertains to the world of yesterday.

Zoe Braddick

United Kingdom


Zoe is a third year Politics and Economics student at the University of Reading, United Kingdom currently on a year's placement in the British Government.

She has been a part of MUN for the last 8 years, taking part in over 50 conferences in many different countries. Her interest started back in High School where Zoe won her first best delegate aged 12, despite the average age of the committee being 17.

Zoe's dedication has been proven by her three years serving Reading University Model United Nations as Secretary General of ReadiMUN17, Non Portfolio officer and Treasurer of the society. Outside of Reading, Zoe has served on 8 secretariats, and is on another three as secretariat and two as Secretary General in the upcoming year.

Zoe most enjoys regional committees and looks deeply forward to being your Chair and meeting you all for a weekend of in depth discussion in the OIC this August!

Yogesh Raja Gopal



Yogesh Raja Gopal is currently pursuing his undergraduate studies in the Multimedia University of Melaka in the Bachelors of Law Program. Born and raised in the southern pearl of Malaysia, he was consistently venturing in various fields of social intellect sports to find his niche area.
That’s when he found MUN and developed his path through there. He was part of various MUN locally and internationally. He has also received honorable mentions during his trip to Greece representing Malaysia and the state of Johor as the Ambassador of Denmark. He has been chair for the recent Johor MUN conference and training which assists the secondary students to be part of MUN.
He realized the duty owed to the community to educate them was way more than just his mere participation which was also why he uptook the position of being the Project Director of Johor International Student Leaders Conference 2017 convening about 1100 students from about 11 different countries to put forth various issues faced by these delegates in their home country.
In order to have a fruitful MUN experience, Yogesh personally hopes that his delegates would bombard the committee sessions with ideas and innovative opinions leaving aside their fears. Besides that, just have fun !

Alina Yau King Ning

Hong Kong


Cooming Soon

Leonardi Ryan Andika​



Leonardi Ryan Andika is an accounting student in Universitas Indonesia. He is currently working in UNDP, in SUSTAIN Project to support for Reform of the Justice Sector in Indonesia. In Indonesia MUN circuit, he sometimes called as a dino. He started his MUN journey 3 years ago and up till now has joined more than 30 MUNs. It includes his chairing experience in EuropeanMUN 2018 in Maastricht, NTUMUN 2019 in Singapore, and Global Goals MUN 2018 in Kuala Lumpur. As a delegate, he has notable experience such as winning Outstanding Delegate in Asia-Pacific MUN 2018 in Sydney and Best Delegate in JakartaMUN 2017. AYIMUN 2019 will mark his 36th conference. He really loves any economic-related topic, especially related with taxation. He is very excited to meet enthusiast delegates in AYIMUN 2019.

Julia Müller



Julia is a mid-20 postgraduate in human geography and currently based in Cologne, Germany. However, usually, she can be found all over Europe. She started her MUN-career during her Erasmus term in Poland back in 2015. Ever since she participated in various conferences as a delegate, chair and even Secretary General from Hamburg, Munich, Bonn to Belgrade, York and Jerusalem. When she is not doing MUN, Julia works as a freelancer in international development cooperation, enjoys travelling, and making ridiculously elaborate cakes. Julia is avidly looking forward to shaping and representing AYIMUN 2019 as committee director.

Shimar Ahamed ​

Sri Lanka


Shimar is a final year student pursuing a degree in Business Information Systems & Software Engineering. He is from a beautiful nation known to be called the pearl of the Indian ocean, Sri Lanka and has Been involved with the Model United Nations movement for the past 4 – 5 years, that being said he has represented his colleges both locally and internationally. He displays a tremendous amount of dedication towards sports, mainly soccer, athletics & basketball and plays them on a club level. A personality that revolves around leading a few organizations such as the Leo club & the Rotaract club, He is also the founder of Dawn Developments, a software development firm that deals with clients on a global scale & has an exemplary passion to uplift the lives of peers around him. A very kind gestured heart who’s always open to assist anybody in times of need.

Phillipe Lefevre

United Kingdom


Philippe is a third year History and Politics student from the University of York, desperately seeking to continue his studies and avoid adult life. He has been doing MUN for over 2 years now and over 30 conferences, each one further away than the last. He is also the chair for the Institute for a Greater Europe, a grassroots think tank based in Paris and York, and often writers for MyMUN and various other websites. He looks forward to AYIMUN 2019 and can't wait to meet you all!

Aiman Syafiq



Aiman Syafiq is majoring in Economic Studies and specializes in Development Economy, International Economy and Finance at International Islamic University Malaysia. He has attended numerous Model United Nations including in New York and Kuala Lumpur, and went to conferences in South Korea and Turkey to name a few. His interest is concerned on economic security as part of the human security agenda to achieve world peace. Aiman was recently elected for the Secretary General for the Economics and Management Sciences Society. He fights for quality education and youth development and is keen to shape the mindsets of youths worldwide to be prosperous, vigilant, mature and critical.

David-Jan Bosschaert



David-Jan Bosschaert is a young professional currently posted as Attaché at the Permanent representation of Belgium to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna, Austria. He is of Belgian and Filipino descent and holds university degrees in International Relations and Diplomacy studies, in Law and in History. His MUN career started in 2011 and spans over 50 conferences, of which he chaired over 30.
Always rooting for his home conference "KULeuven Model United Nations (KULMUN)", David-Jan won a Diplomacy Award at Harvard World MUN 2014 and served successfully as their Faculty advisor at the 2016 edition.
David-Jan was awarded the inaugural Oxbridge Chairing Award back in 2015, given jointly by Oxford International Model United Nations (OxiMUN) and Cambridge University International Model United Nations (CUIMUN): he has chaired at both conferences continuously since 2013.

Yulia Ratnasari​



Yulia Ratnasari is a business and management scholar from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and Universitas Surabaya, and has conducted research about political marketing and family business succession planning. She has been jumping throughout the industries from B2B, automotive, NGO, e-commerce to FMCG. She has been Board of Dais in many international MUNs. She hopes that AYIMUN will bear numbers of future diplomats and leaders that the world needs.




Michael Parashian, a final year student of International Relations Studies at University of Brawijaya, Indonesia with a minor in Security and Peace Studies. His background as a student studying politics and diplomacy, he believes that International Relations and Model UN can be a perfect blend of academics and debate. He has been pursuing his career in Model UN since high school and ever since, he travels from West to East part of the world for Model UN. Throughout the years, Michael has been awared both at home and abroad and it covers his role as a delegate, director, international ambassador, faculty advisor, and staffing a conference as a secretary-general. Dealing with Security Council isn't a new deal for him, so you can always be free to indulge with any kind of security topics with him -- and of course he is more than excited to address your thought or to feed your curiosity about American politics! But on top of that, he literally can't wait for an intense participation and a heated debate on the table of Security Council at AYIMUN 2019!

Zübeyde Simge Taşyürek



Zübeyde Simge Taşyürek is a student in Faculty of Law at MEF University, Istanbul.

She started her MUN journey with MUNTR’17 and she attended all the possible MUN conferences since then. Her favorite is attending Court simulations so with that passion, she was awarded as a best advocate in IKUMUN’18, but she also loves GA Committees.

Because she is in love with MUN and she loves management, she activated the MUN Club in MEF University and she was the president of MEF MUN Club in 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 periods. During her presidency, she organized [email protected]’18 and [email protected]’19 and she worked as the Secretary General of both of the conferences. She is very excited to meet with you and experience amazing debates in AYIMUN’19.

Abdelrahim Abdullah​



Abdelrahim Abdallah (more commonly known as Rimo) is an Egyptian student at the University of Mannheim in Germany. He was born and raised in Egypt and grew up in an environment with a focus on international exposure and with very strong ties to Europe and Germany.As a student of Europa-Schule Kairo, Abdelrahim loved being engaged in the decision making as a member of the Student Union and later as the President of the Student Union. In 2011, the Egyptian Revolution inspired him to become politically active, participating in numerous MUN conferences in Europe, Asia and Africa. In 2016, he partnered up with a schoolmate to start an MUN conference in his school with participants from all around the Middle East. Under his leadership as Secretary-General, ESKMUN 2018 hosted the first German-speaking MUN council in the region and generally raised the bar for other Egyptian MUNs.Now in college, Abdelrahim is a Student Consultant with INTEGRA e.V., the management consultancy of the University of Mannheim, and continues to participate in MUNs, such as chairing ECOSOC at EuroMUN in Maastricht, Netherlands, chairing HRC at MEDMUN in Menton, France and participating in the Historical Legal Committee of WorldMUN 2019 in Madrid, Spain.During AYIMUN, Abdelrahim hopes to get an insight into the Malaysian MUN culture and exchange thoughts and ideas with like-minded individuals from far, far away.

Luke Ho ​​​

United Kingdom


Luke is a third year Law student at the University of East Anglia. He has been a part of MUN for the last 3 years, taking part in numerous conferences across the UK. Ever since joining MUN, he has considerable experience as both delegate and staff, while also serving on the Secretariat for NorwichMUN 2017-18 and WestMUN 2019. He also serves Training and Personnel Officer for the UEAMUN society.

Luke is looking forward to meeting you and the inspiring debate that will be brought at the UNHCR at AYIMUN in August!




Raihan Zahirah is a third year International Relations student who is very ambitious and highly motivated person. She is an active student in Parahyangan Catholic University, concentrating on international political economy and security studies. She was an official delegate of Parahyangan Catholic University for various MUN such as Harvard WorldMUN 2017, Jakarta MUN 2017 and Asia Youth International MUN 2017. She shown her expertise in MUN and been chairing various MUN internationally as well as domestically. In 2018, she was the only Indonesian student who selected as Plenary Speaker at WIMUN and gave a speech at United Nations General Assembly Hall. She gets an award as Outstanding Student of Parahyangan Catholic University. As chair and student, she likes to share knowledge and insight to peoples. She is a person who consistently strives for excellence.

Panhaprasidh sorin



Panhaprasidh Sorin is a student majoring in Accounting & Finance at CamEd Business School, Cambodia. He highly interested in MUN since his first participation in AYIMUN2017. He also participates several MUN as delegate, and co-chair inside and outside board. He was also a Student Ambassador at his college. Regarding to the council in MUN, his favorite was IMF and INTERPOL that was totally challenging his life to deal with a lot of difficulty and also facing to debate with other’s delegate during the meeting sessions. He is looking forward to seeing the potential’s delegate in AYIMUN 2019, Malaysia.

Huzaifa Fazal



Hailing from India, Huzaifa is a 3rd year Engineering Student at the International Islamic University Malaysia. His interest in world politics and global issues led him to start his MUN career 3 years ago but what cemented his passion in MUN was the tremendous potential of self-development that MUN provides. He is an experienced MUN-er who has participated in various national and international conferences as a Delegate, Chair and Secretariat Member – with the most recent one being Asia World Model United Nations II as the Under-Secretary General. Besides being an avid MUN-er, he enjoys travelling, playing sports and involving himself in various kinds of events and competitions with recent notable ones being Hult Prize and the Maybank Go Ahead Challenge (MGAC). He’s always on the lookout for next big challenge!

Andeta karamina ​​​



Andeta Karamina
is a third-year student in International Relations at Universitas Gadjah Mada,
Indonesia. With her determination to further understanding conflict-resolution and interest in
international security issues, she's currently focusing her studies on Global Politics and Security
and enjoys participating in MUNs in Indonesia and also internationally. She has managed to
snatch the Best Delegate in SIMUN 2017 and PADMUN 2018, and Most Outstanding in
JOINMUN 2017 and AMUN 2018. She has also been chosen as the Director of Event &
Programme in JOINMUN 2018, and chaired in multiple MUNs in Indonesia. She is looking
forward to meet all the delegates, to have fruitful discussions and substantive debate in AYIMUN




Cut Jihan Shavira is a final year student in Universitas Indonesia majoring in International Relations. As an MUN enthusiast, Jihan has involved in many national and international conferences positioned as a Chair, Delegate, Organizer, even a Speaker. Some of her most remarkable moments in MUN are presenting WP, DR, Amendment in Harvard World MUN Spain 2019 and snatching Best Delegation in Asia-Pacific Model United Nations Conference Australia 2018. Aside from the fruitful debate in a conference, Jihan is most excited about the social and cultural event as well as making new friends with anyone without distinction. Her passion in international politics also leads her becoming the President of Foreign Policy Community Indonesia Chapter Universitas Indonesia. Thus, she also expects the delegates of AYIMUN 2019 to bring their comprehensive research and fresh ideas to the table! Wake up, dress up, then speak up!

Shevinu Mithushaal Athulathmudali

Sri Lanka


Shevinu is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in Actuarial Science and Accounting. Having started Model UN back in 2012, this will be his last year taking part in MUN. London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Sydney, Seoul and Bangkok are few cities to name where he has chaired in. His favourite things to do include racing, trying new types of food and travelling around the world. He is excited to welcome all of you to Asia Youth International Model United Nations 2019.

Kayla Adisa



Kayla Adisa is currently serving as Secretary-General of Jogja International Model United Nations 2019, a highly renowned MUN conference in Indonesia. As Kayla enjoys exploring and acquiring new knowledges, her MUN experiences and awards comprise of vast array of subjects, namely children rights in UNICEF JOINMUN 2017, agriculture in FAO Padjadjaran MUN 2018, and politics-security in UNSC UIIMUN 2018 as delegate, as well as human rights in UNHRC International Leaders MUN Bangkok 2019, and UNSC in International MUN Hanoi 2019, among others. Kayla has keen interests in human rights and politics, particularly in peace study, which is why she finds MUN resonates her spirit of pursuing world peace. While not working for her MUN preparations, Kayla works as an undergraduate student of International Relations in Gadjah Mada University; barista in a cafe; part of political organizations and movements in her campus; or spending the whole day in library reading books, from Hannah Arendt to Haruki Murakami. Kayla looks forward to meeting all enthusiastic, brilliant and high-spirited delegates of AYIMUN 2019.

Markpoalo Cañada​



Markpoalo Cañada has graduated in Bachelor of Secondary Education in Physical Sciences and is now a Licensed Professional Teacher eligible to serve the Philippine Government through enchancing and accessing quality education in Science. He has been an achiever since then: He has joined several international MUN both as a delegate and a committee; He is also a great achiever in national debates particularly on science education, research and strategies;and He has served as School's President for 4 years. He is now on his way to start his master's degree in Applied Physics in one of the prestigous schools in the Philippines. His favorite councils include United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO),World Health Organization (WHO), and United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD).

Sumedh Rishi ​



An Indian National by birth and heart, Sumedh comes from New Delhi. Besides being a final year law student at VIPS, IP University, Delhi, he has also worked for an NGO which seeks to educate the less privileged classes in the society and is presently working at the Delhi High Court.
He has been a part of an immense number of MUN conferences in all the possible capacities such as a Delegate, an Executive Board member and a member of the Secretariat. He had successfully hosted one of the best Youth Educational Conference, namely Delhi Diplomacy Summit in the year 2016 being its Secretary General. Precendently, he has also worked as an Under Secretary General for his Institution's MUN, namely VIPSMUN.
In addition to conferences in India, Sumedh has been selected as a Chairperson for some international conferences, namely Tirana International MUN, Lavish MUN, Africa International MUN, Paderewski MUN and Antwerp MUN, as well.
He has also worked as the Communications Associate for the Asia region at an International MUN Training and Organizing body, United Ambassadors for a span of 2 years.
Apart from being an active MUNer, Sumedh is an avid Debater and a passionate Dancer as well. He looks forward to a stupendous experience at AYIMUN 2019.

Natalia Ayu



Natalia Ayu is a senior student in Faculty of Law, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia. Her excitement in Model UN started since late 2016. Therefore she has joined multiple MUN conferences, be it local or international. She is now the President of International Law Community in Faculty of Law Universitas Sebelas Maret. She believes that Model UN is a chance for young people to convey their thoughts regarding worldwide issue. Despite her arguably intimidating facade, she is more than happy to have a long talk with delegates wishing to obtain any feedback, clarify any doubts or anything at all. She is looking forward to meet the AYIMUN 2019 delegates as to maintain the flow of the debates to make it fruitful for the delegates.

Ornella Bayigamba



Ornella Bayigamba is a sophomore at Yale University majoring in chemical engineering from Kigali, Rwanda. During her childhood, she spent most days watching either Japanese anime, French cartoons, or American tv shows with her family. Multiculturalism has always been a large emphasis in her home, and she hopes to share her experience with and appreciation for diverse backgrounds to the committee room. She is unbelievable excited to serve as a Director for AYIMUN 2019! One of the most fun activities she takes part in on Yale's campus is Hemispheres, where she gets to teach international relations to High School students in New Haven, Connecticut. She also enjoys being a Engineering Tour Guide, finding any excuse to eat new foods, and painting when she is free. She looks forward to meeting all of you!




Meet Irsan Efendi! Currently pursuing his degree in International Relations Universitas Padjadjaran. He put his minor in International Law, conflict resolution, gender, and global issues. He have joined several MUNs both as delegate and chair, He perceive MUN as a platform not only to grow substantially, but also to grow as a person.
For his spare time, you will find Irsan reading or browsing things, he is also an avid coffeeholic.
Start the conversation with puns then you will get along with him.


Czech Republic


Albert is a global change and Impact advocate who established the first ever conference which combined virtual communication with real-life debates, Impact Summit. He managed a large organizing team and communicated with delegates from more than 55 countries of the world all across the earth. He has participated in over 17 Model United Nations Conferences either as a delegate or chair. He has partipated in MUNs in Qatar, United States of America, Israel, or United Kingdom and won both the best delegate and best chair award at local conferences. As for his favorite Council, he loves the Human Rights Council or the Security Council as he has mostly participated in these committees in the past and he is looking forward for amazing and fruitful debates at AYIMUN 2019.




Bioantika is a final-year student in Engineering faculty. It’s our honor to serve her as a Chair of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). She has been participating in several MUN conferences both as delegate and chair, sometimes She also traps herself in Model EU, ASEAN meetings, and debating competitions. Besides leading to many experiences and Draft Resolutions, for her MUN has given many friends, family, and made her traveling to many new places and countries. In her free time, she loves spending time in gym and doing yoga. She is not only widely known for her MUN awards, but also for her sincere connection to animal and nature. It dictates her to a belief about ‘3 means of refuge from the miseries of life: animal, nature, and music. She’s so excited to see everyone and spend some amazing days.

Kishan D. Buxani



Kishan is a business graduate currently reading Law at Advance Tertiary College Penang (ATC). He worked at UNICEF Malaysia for a brief period before resuming to read Law. He has achieved several number of awards during his period in MUN, most notably, Best Delegate at Diversity and Inclusion Youth Conference 2018 where the HRC resolution that was spearheaded by him won the Best Resolution Award and was submitted to ASEAN. Apart from MUN, he is also involved in a number of clubs and societies like Toastmasters and Ted. He now runs workshops on communication skills under the Blitz banner in Penang. He looks forward to welcoming all delegates to AYIMUN 2019 as he believes MUN is a great platform for character building and self-development.

Ayşen Köse



Ayşen Köse is a 22-year-old Law student in Istanbul Kültür University, Turkey. She spent a year as an ERASMUS student in Giessen, Germany and took the first flight to Istanbul to attend IKU MUN Society’s very first conference in April 2017, which was also her first one. From that day on, as a newly MUN enthusiast, she has participated eleven conferences just in a year and half, not only as an award-winner delegate, but also as a committee director and an academic team member. In 2018, she was elected as the President of her University's MUN Society and served as the Secretary-General of IKUMUN '19. She is very excited for AYIMUN 2019 and looking forward to meeting you all for an unforgettable experience!

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