AYIMUN’s Story – Umar Muhammad Jaubah (Best Delegate Winner)

First Meeting

For the first time, I only saw AYIMUN advertisement from Instagram and I was only contemplating whether I could join this event or not. Suddenly my friend called and told me that she went into AYIMUN and I shook. I had been rethinking whether I want to join or not, but then my heart said: “you never know if you didn’t try, why don’t you try to give a shot?”

It did not take a long time to decide, I filled the registration form and waited for 3 days until I finally received the LOA and received my Study guide later on. I wanted to do my  best, I spent almost 2 weeks creating my position paper then 1 month for another additional research. I put my maximum effort and all my heart for this MUN. I practiced and had a great consultation with the best coaches that I ever met who sincerely spent their time guiding me what should I did during the committee session, I won’t forget what they already did to me.

The Day

During the committee session, I was a little bit shook and nervous since I noticed there were like 140+ delegates in my council, but then I finally made my distinct speech. In addition, I managed to get delegates’s attention there. I was leading EU block and I was lucky to witness how did the other delegates issued their distinguished thoughts about our main topic and then finally we crafted the Draft Resolution together and merged it with African Union.


In the Awarding session, they would announce the best position for Position Paper, Verbal Commendation, Honorable Mention, and the most outstanding delegate award. When it comes to hear who’s the Best Delegate, I was feeling so tense at that moment. When I saw chair and co-chair, it just made my heart beats faster! And then the time had come, finally, they said: “The Best Delegate goes to…” It was like time has stopped, and when they said “CZECH REPUBLIC!!!” I was beyond happu. it was like I came back from the top, to the earth. Yep, it was me who won the Best Delegate award!

I was extremely proud! I was in tears that finally I brought pride for my country and my university. It was a milestone and it was my first award. I was being so grateful to God for giving me this best present. Since the first time I came here, I thought winning the best delegate was not my priority, there was another value that I could get here. The friendship that I cherished the most and all that precious moment I got from here. Till now, the Hype and Euphoria of AYIMUN are still in the air and I just can not move on from it

Beside an Award that I snatched, AYIMUN equipped me with the skills and not to mention, long-term Friendship. I’m beyond grateful that I finally met people from more than 40 countries and get to mingle with them. ‘Till now, I still communicate with them. Personally, you need to preserving long-term friendship, because it is number one priority for me! Say Hi to all my friends, cherish our memory, we will meet again someday. In the better us.

Inspired by Fahmi Umar Muhammad Jaubah, Indonesia

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