AYIMUN’s Story – Frenchie Apring

What was the best moment in your 2018? For us, it was our AYIMUN moment. The euphoria still remains. Even the program was long over, we still can feel your spirit and effort for this event. From a lot of stories we get, there are some of them that might remind you of it. Here, with pride, we will tell you one of the stories that inspire us.
The story was from Frenchie Apring from the Philippines, one of many former delegates that inspire us. A hardworking student that never give up for what she pursued and being a participant of AYIMUN was one of her goals. Even though she applied with a lot of doubt in the first time, but then this event brought a better shape of her.

“When I saw the advertisement regarding AYIMUN, I was immediately interested in joining the event. But when I saw the Registration fee, I doubted that I will be able to attend the event. But still, I applied despite being unsure for my participation. I was not really expecting that I will get a congratulatory e-mail from the committee, but then, it was in the middle of my Foreign Language class when I got the e-mail from the committee saying that I passed the application process.”

However the path was not always easy for everyone, she needs to face a lot of struggles. Frenchie did not easily give up to resolve her problem one by one, from the financial struggle to her school rejection for supporting her participation on MUN. We adore her spirit, it’s a reflection of AYIMUN itself! Do you remember one of our goals? Understand and try to form a possible solution to solve a particular issue.

“I encountered a lot of struggles just to acquire the necessary amount for the Registration fee. For a working student like me, the registration fee was too expensive. So, I searched for people and local government organizations that would support me. My school, however, did not even support my participation in the activity. Despite this fact, I was determined to join thinking that the experience that I will gain from the activity will not benefit the name of the school I am enrolled at, but my own growth as a future professional of the society.”

It might not only Frenchie who was facing the same issue, but we do trust you that you won’t give up anything you want to achieve. It’s not only about this event, but it is about your spirit. The spirit that youth as an agent of change should have.

“Now that the event is done, I went back to how I usually do before AYIMUN. But currently, I encourage my schoolmates, my subordinates to apply for such great opportunities like the AYIMUN for their own professional growth as I can really testify that the experience that I got from the AYIMUN shaped me up to be a better version of myself that can contribute to my community”

There’s always a new challenge to keep you motivated, this means you can not stay still. Raise your awareness, brace yourself to take action. Start it by your self, do not ever give up to pursue your dream. After that, try this to people around you, encourage them to take action and pursue their dream. In the future try bigger goals, just like what AYIMUN’s goals have: to encourage youth awareness of current international relations and issues, understand, and try to form a possible solution to solve a particular issue
There is still a lot of inspiring stories that we want to share with you! Keep your faith, keep that sparkle in your heart! Each of you is amazing! Have you submitted your story to our committee? if you have a beautiful story to share do not hesitate to contact us from our Social media or email to [email protected] we would love to hear your story! 
Original Story by Frenchie Apring, The Philippines. 

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