AYIMUN’s Story – Fadzai Manyeza

That day, I was extremely nervous. I was on a plane with a long flight around 19 hours. When I realized that I was going to represent my country in such a large global platform, I didn’t know anyone who was attending this event and that made me even more nervous. But I kept managing my feeling, I had to prepare my self for this event. This was my first MUN.

After a long flight, I finally arrived at the airport. I felt so excited when I met the other delegates. This was my first time to Bangkok, but I was glad that all the delegates were really warm and kind. It was funny how so many people wanted to touch my hair (braids) because they hadn’t seen them in their different countries. I met a lot of different people and culture. I learned a lot from them. I didn’t expect to have such a delightful experience. Thanks to all the delegates for their kindness so I could started my day more easily every day during the event.

I also thought that the meeting session was intense, but I was glad that we learn a lot from it. Not only we developed our softs skills, but also we were sharpening our humanity sense. Personally, I learnt about how we respect each other, how we can be more sensitive to the problem around us, and how we learn to form a possible solution to solve a particular issue. It was a valuable experience, and I was glad that I decided to join this event.

If I had to choose, then my best moment went to the cultural night. It was so interesting seeing all these diverse cultures in one room. I learned so much from each delegate and seeing how proud they were of their own cultures were really great. Some cultural attires had beads, others feathers, and gold chains. This just showed me that eventhough we live in diversity, we all have one main goal to achieve as young leaders and one day we will implement all we said in our resolution papers.

It was wrapped up really well. I had amazing new friendships. This thing that made my long flight was worth every mile when I was traveling to Bangkok for AYIMUN. I don’t have to mention another value that I got from this event.  Every second spent was special. This experience will be one of my best moment that I will always cheris. I am grateful to AYIMUN for this great opportunity. The event might be ended, but it was just the beginning for another greater opportunities.

Do not hold back and be shy when you are surrounded by many people. Just speak up and enjoy every second you have. Since this is such an amazing experience, all delegates are all striving to achieve the same thing as you are. You are not competing there, you are there to do one goal; to encourage their awareness of current international relation issues with also to understand and try to form a possible solution to solve a particular issue. One more tip, make sure you research deeply!

Inspired by Fadzai ManyezaZimbabwe

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