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Read the inspirational story from one of our delegates, Lesson learned that young people should always have the courage to speak up! even just a word, but speak up your mind, your idea that’s a small step that we can do to change the world, to a better one.

I am a travel, humanity, love, peace and communication enthusiast. I never hesitated in spending my RM1.50 to buy a newspaper so that I am aware of what happens around the World. I don’t know a lot of things, I am still learning but I know the World is in dire need of love. Love is easy to give but not when you don’t know who to give to and how. I knew about AYIMUN through a senior who had shared similar dreams and passion as I did. The registration was a few hours away from closing so I rushed to sign myself up because I thought this could be one of the many ways I could open up my horizon and see more of what the World holds and could offer as well as what I, myself, could offer to the World. There were not much of a hassle in preparation for AYIMUN nor while traveling to Bangkok. However, professional writing for the Position Paper was a skill that needs improving for sure. The first day in Bangkok, while lining up for registration, I surprised myself on how easy it was to meet new people and listen to new stories. The irrelevant insecurity that I had was thrown away immediately. Until…the meeting session came along, the delegates were all on fire, brains were juicing out motions and solutions. Instead of feeling like I need to sink myself under the table, I felt like I need to do my country some justice, and speak up. I only got to speak once and for 1 minute only. Was it enough? No! There were things left unsaid and there were ideas that could have been considered. Do I regret it? Most definitely! I think I have disappointed myself many times in terms of speaking up. This is another lesson and hopefully, another lesson learned! I hope to have many more opportunities like these where ideas can be shared and not fought over.

I have two best moments and it is both the meeting session and the night when all delegates went up to the stage to sing “we are the World, we are the children”. In the meeting sessions, not only you see professionalism and cooperation but you also see ego looming on certain delegates when it comes to fighting for the best solution. It is a great reminder that to put your emotions instead of your head in making a better decision can be hazardous. The night when everyone sang surely sparked hope, love, and unity. They sang all their hearts out in hopes that all the children of the World will sing it together with them. And hope for the same too. “It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me…”

By attending AYIMUN, I didn’t only get to discover what it is all about and how UN attend to all countries in coming up with solutions, I had also discovered myself. My passion, my weaknesses, my strengths and what I could possibly offer the World, if not to that extent then my country. Speak up! Be it even just 1 sentence because you deserve to be heard by the World for a better future, not just for them nor just for you but for us.

  • Ameera binti Azarisman Shah, Malaysia

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  1. Gracie Shah

    Totally agree with you,great article?

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