Asia Youth International Model United Nations

Model United Nations

Enhancing Global Power through Diplomacy and Regional Integration


Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation which incorporates its rules, procedures and workflow between international delegations, Executive Board and International Press while involving qualified, upper crust parliamentary debaters from all academic backgrounds, undergraduate or even postgraduate. At MUN, one is bound to witness exhilarating debate on a particular agenda in parliamentary form within parliamentary walls.

Council Overview of Ayimun 2017



A series of activities organized by the committee of AYIMUN 2017 is as follows:

Committee Session

Committee Session is a formal session in which assigned delegates discuss about one certain issue in a council. Asia Youth International Model United Nations (AYIMUN) 2017 will hold a predetermined number of sessions which are intended in the committee. The resolutions can be submitted to the policy makers in Indonesia.

Social Events

Asia Youth International MUN 2017 is not only focusing on the council session, but also interspersed with a series of non-formal activities, which covers:

  • MUNers Party is an informal activity which will be filled with entertainment to strengthen the relationship with fellow delegates.
  • Diplomatic Dinner is a semi-formal dinner activity which allows delegates to interact with fellow council delegates and directors. In this session, there will be the announcement of the winner for each council.
  • City Tour is a visit activity to some historical sites or tourist attraction within Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding area.


The Asia Youth International Model United Nations (AYIMUN) 2017 will provide the awards based on councils which served in this conference.

There will 5 awards which divided into 7 councils as follows

Best Delegates

Verbal Commedation
The Most Outstanding
The Position Paper
Honorable Mention


  • Asia Youth Interntional MUN welcomes youth from North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and Oceania who have experience in Model UN or have high interest in global affairs and the United Nations.
  • Delegate participants must be enrolled in a high school, university, fresh graduate high school.
  • High school and university level conferences will operate separately with the exception of sessions in the United Nations.
  • AYIMUN also welcomes advisors who have a role in planning and organizing a MUN conferences and teachers who use Model UN in their education curriculum. High school groups are required to be accompanied by at least one faculty advisor.