Alumni Story :  Mudyahoto Rodney - Zimbabwe

Hello, I’m so glad to have this opportunity to tell my story starting from how I joined AYIMUN, my best moment, the things I got, and my messages for future delegates; every single thing will surely open up your eyes and mind towards the importance of MUN.

Before joining AYIMUN, I was very afraid to meet new people whom I didn’t even know what their backgrounds were, their cultures and their attitude to other races. Despite everything, I still decided to join since I wanted to be part of that international group where youths from all over the world gathered, sharing and discussing global issues. When the day came, I was surprised that I met the best people ever; the most loving and caring people I have never imagined I could meet.

The meeting sessions in the UNWTO were the best! We discussed and came up with solutions we thought could help many nations to meet the global needs. I never felt alone and I even wanted to extend my stay because the people I have met make me feel most welcomed. The closing ceremony was the best! People from different cultures performed and sang together as a group; I must admit that it was incredible. I wish there were AYIMUN for just university students, not restricted to 25 years because I really want to attend more and more and more AYIMUNs.

My best moment at AYIMUN was the closing ceremony. I enjoyed more than I thought I would because I got to witness lots of beautiful traditional costumes and dances that I never saw beforehand. The singing part and the songs, Imagine and Heal The world; these songs really meant something and I hope all of us can really live as one.

At AYIMUN 2018, I regained my confidence at public speaking and learned to make Zimbabwean Tourism sector perform better.

For future delegates of AYIMUN 2019, just enjoy yourself, don’t worry about your background, have fun, participate and contribute a lot!

“I can change the world to be a better place.”
Mudyahoto Rodney