Alumni Story :  Marla Arreza - Philippines

Hello, I’m so glad to have this opportunity to tell my story starting from how I joined AYIMUN, my best moment, the things I got, and my messages for future delegates; every single thing will surely open up your eyes and mind towards the importance of MUN.

I was really excited for the event even though I had a hard time juggling my full-time work, graduate studies, and other commitments. It was my first MUN, and what I always had in mind was the advice that my college professor gave to his students, “Do it right the first time.” I invested so much effort from exhausting all possible ways, to cover the expenses to arranging my schedules in work and school, to conducting research about the topic to be discussed.

As for the best moment, I must admit that cultural night was my jam. It was heartwarming seeing all of us, regardless wherever we came from, come together in one room and celebrate diversity. Just imagine a world wherein we’re not labelled according to our nationalities but rather as citizens of the world.

At AYIMUN 2018, I got more confidence. Sometimes, I am taken aback by the thought that I am just small town girl, and I may not deliver what is expected. Events like this pushes me to discover what else I am capable to do.

To all future delegates of AYIMUN, don’t just make a lot of friends from different parts of the world but get your head on the game during event properly.

“Sometimes, you gotta create what you want to be part of.”
Marla Arreza