Alumni Story :  Gregorio Soliven - Philippines

Hello, I’m so glad to have this opportunity to tell my story starting from how I joined AYIMUN, my best moment, the things I got, and my messages for future delegates; every single thing will surely open up your eyes and mind towards the importance of MUN.

At the time I received an email from AYIMUN, my excitement started to rise. When I confirmed my participation, it rose up even more. Being part of the AYIMUN was such a great honor. Being able to represent a nation and standing by its stance was such an unforgettable experience. The activities were truly enjoyable and educational, especially the meeting sessions; it was where communication skills and public speaking skills were immensely developed.

The best moment would be the time when we formed our bloc, because that was the time where I felt the true meaning of diplomatic relations; where we shared our thoughts and ideas regarding the topic. It was also the time where I proved myself that I could interact with other people from completely different races, cultures and languages.

What I really got out of this MUN was the chance to share my vision to the world in front of my fellow young diplomats, which I hardly done because of lack of confidence. AYIMUN boost my confidence to able to speak up in front of the public.

To all future delegates, one thing you must bear in mind that joining AYIMUN is to enjoy and learn things. That’s the simplest and the best advice you’d get from anyone who happened to join AYIMUN. Do expect that AYIMUN will drive your expectations high that you’d want to join again in the future.

“Simple success is for the content,
good success is for the diligent,
while great success is for the hard-working.”
Gregorio Soliven