Alumni Story :  Aswin Ramadhani - Indonesia

Hello, I’m so glad to have this opportunity to tell my story starting from how I joined AYIMUN, my best moment, the things I got, and my messages for future delegates; every single thing will surely open up your eyes and mind towards the importance of MUN.

From the first day I arrived at the venue, my first impression was, “Wow, so many people registering for this event.” The grand symposium speaker motivated me to follow the schedule until it finally finished. When Day Two (Main Event) began, a lot of people spoke and gave their solutions towards the related problem. On Day Three (last day), there was city tour and cultural night; I saw and spoke to some people from other countries regarding cultures.

As for the best moment, I guess it was when everyone entered into an intense debate for resolution paper writing. The atmosphere was definitely thrilling!

At AYIMUN 2018, I also got to learn how diplomacy works and I managed to convey my idea to other delegates on how we can find the solution for the related global issue.

For future delegates of AYIMUN, keep spirit, guys! I believe someday you can implement everything you get into your daily life.

“Life must go on. Don't look back.”
Aswin Ramadhani